When was Edeson Infotech Launched?

Edeson Infotech started operation since 2009. The website was launched on October 2014.

Who designed Edeson Infotech Website and who owns the website?

Edeson Infotech Website  is proudly designed, owned and managed by an Emerging Nigerian Blogger, ENDY EDESON.

What can I Do on Edeson Infotech Website?

You can do a whole lot on Edeson Infotech Website

  • You can download latest Nigerian songs and foreign songs
  • You can read business tips, business news and info
  • You can learn how to make money on the internet here
  • Upcoming music artists ; establish artists in Nigeria and around the world can promote their songs on our sister website
  • You can also place your advert

What project is Edeson Infotech Website currently working on?

We are currently working with corporate organizations, NGO’s and, companies and music artistes. We have over 100 client base.

How Many online audience does  Edeson Infotech Website has?

We have over 1 million audience online. So advertising your business and promoting your songs here is worth it

Is Edeson Infotech Website employing or recruiting staff?

For now we are recruiting only marketers. Edeson InfoTech is running an open marketing for marketers in any part of Nigeria and abroad. All you need to do is to get customers for us and get a percentage from successful transaction, The marketing opportunity is open for everyone; students, unemployed, marketers and even the employed who wants to make extra cash can take advantage of this venture. Click Here For More Details OR To Apply 

 What are the major services Edeson Infotech renders?

Our major services are: Website Design, Blog Design, Corporate Computer Coaching, Real Estate, Online Music Promotion, and Online Journalism, Documentary Production

How can I contact the owner of  Edeson Infotech ?

You can reach ENDY EDESON the CEO through the following contact details. Call: 08136125128, Email: or

Does Edeson InfoTech provide private website design traning ?

Yes, we provide both home and office website design training.

How Much Does Edeson Infotech  charge to design a website ?

As a business owner, you don’t need to pay hugely to own a website. Our company offers affordable and professional website design for companies, schools and organizations.

What Are The Benefits You Can Get From Patronizing EDESON INFOTECH Website design package?

  1. Free Custom Email
  2. Free Online Advert
  3. 24hours Support Helpline
  4. Free Search Engine Optimization
  5. Free Social Media Integration; Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus etc.

Does Edeson Infotech have physical contact address?

 For now, Edeson Infotech is a freelance company with no physical office but we are known for credibility. We treat our clients in Nigeria and abroad the same, we do not take advantage of any of our clients wrongly. If you wish to see any of our representatives or the director, you are free to do so and we will be happy to meet you.

Does Edeson InfoTech offer a refund?

Prior to making use of our services please make sure you fully understand what its requirements are and how it works. If for some reason our services did not meet up to your expectation and you want a refund we can issue a refund. However, please note that we cannot issue a refund if after 30 days of your payment. We can only make 50% refund of your payment after 30 days.