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The New Nigerian Companies And Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020

CAMA Company And Allied Matters Act

Federal Government has signed into law the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) on August 7, 2020. The new CAMA is Nigeria’s most significant business legislation in three decades and it introduces new provisions that promote ease of doing business and reduces regulatory hurdles. 1. Provision of single-member/­shareholder companies – S.18(2) of the new CAMA […]

Mark Zuckerberg Makes $100Billion, Now World’s 3rd Richest Man

Mark Zuckerberg Edeson InfoTech

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has seen his personal wealth rise to $100bn (£76bn) after the launch of a new short-form video feature. On Wednesday, Facebook announced the US rollout of Instagram Reels, its rival to controversial Chinese app TikTok. Facebook shares rose by more than 6% on Thursday. Mr Zuckerberg holds a 13% stake in […]

I Register Business Name At Corporate Affairs Commission

CAC Business Name Registration in Nigeria

 I am glad to inform you that I now register business name for business owners anywhere in Nigeria. I am not only a website designer, I do other business and Business name registeration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), is among the list. I stay in Lagos, location is not a barrier. I recently registered for people […]

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2020 (APPLY NOW)

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on Saturday announced that it has commenced its 2020 recruitment exercise for new officers. Police spokesman Frank Mba in a statement said the security agency is recruiting qualified persons as constables from July to mid-August. Interested applicants, according to Mba, must be aged between 17 to 25 years and must […]

Sony Releases Small Personal Air Conditioner 

Sony has released a new personal air conditioner designed to be stored inside a person’s shirt collar, creating a cool envelope around their torso even when they’re outside. Called the Reon Pocket, the wallet-sized device weighs just three ounces and can be controlled through a companion smartphone app. Sony is also selling custom t-shirts with […]

OPay Shuts Down ORide, OCar, OExpress In Nigeria

Popular Chinese-owned African fintech startup, OPay, has announced it is suspending some of its Nigerian operations including ORide, OCar, and OExpress, excluding its payment operation, Opay. In a statement on Thursday, the company said it is pausing some of its operations “due to the harsh business conditions which have affected many Nigerian companies, including ours, […]

India Bans 59 Chinese Mobile Apps Including Tik Tok

The Indian government has banned TikTok, the hugely popular social media app, as part of sweeping anti-China measures after a violent confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops. TikTok is one of more than 50 Chinese-made apps that have been banned by the Ministry of Information over concerns that they “pose a threat to sovereignty and […]

Meaning Of Dual Core, Quad Core, Octa Core

The processor or SoC (System on a chip) of a Smartphone can be thought of as the brain of that smartphone. This processor contains several things. The most important of which are CPUs. A CPU or Central Processing Unit is responsible for carrying out the tasks and managing the functions of your Smartphone computer. Your […]

NASA Chasing Golden Asteroid That Could Make Everyone On Earth A Billionaire

According to various sources, NASA has their eyes on a huge golden asteroid, and this particular space body could make us all billionaires. Referred to a Psyche 16, this ‘golden egg’ is located between Mars and Jupiter, and is supposedly solid metal. While it contains gold, it also is said to contain other precious metals […]

How To Protect Your Computers & Phones From Ransomware

People living in Nigeria are familiar with the word ‘Kidnapping’ because it happens often in the country but what many do not know is ‘Computer or File Kidnapping’. Just like Niger Delta Militants who abduct their victims for ransom, there are internet file kidnappers. Our lives are as important as our computer files because it […]

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