Meaning Of Dual Core, Quad Core, Octa Core

The processor or SoC (System on a chip) of a Smartphone can be thought of as the brain of that smartphone.

This processor contains several things. The most important of which are CPUs.

A CPU or Central Processing Unit is responsible for carrying out the tasks and managing the functions of your Smartphone computer.

Your Processor in your Smartphone may contain several CPUs.

Each of this CPUs inside the SoC are referred to as a CORE.

If a processor has:

1 CPU, it’s called a Single Core processor

2 CPUs, it’s called a Dual Core processor

4 CPUs, it’s called a Quad Core processor

6 CPUs, it’s called a Hexa Core processor

8 CPUs, it’s called a Octa Core processor

10 CPUs, it’s called a Deca Core processor

Types of CPUs for Smartphones (Android)

The main company that designs CPUs for all androids is called ARM.

They then sell their design to SoC retailers/manufacturers who then use the design by ARM to build their own Unique CPU.

There are two types of CPUs widely in use in the market now to build SoCs. They are:

1. The ARM cortex A50 series which are used for only light tasks such as making calls, scrolling through FB, WhatsApp chatting, reading an eBook etc.
The A50 series consists of A53, A55 and A57

The exception here is the A57 core which is a powerful core used for heavy tasks. It is the predecessor of the A70 Series. (thank you @Naijasensei)

2. The ARM cortex A70 series which are used for heavy tasks like HD gaming, Video calls, Screen casting etc.
The A70 series consists of A72, A73, A75, A76, A77

A77 is the best currently in the market.

A few questions people may want to ask…

1. Do more Cores equal a better performance?
Well yes and no.

Yes because more CPU helps share the load of processing data and outputs the results faster making apps feel smoother and run faster.

No. Because sometimes more CPU cores isn’t necessarily the answer. A Quad core A76/A55 CPU set will outperform an Octa core A57 set by far.

Then there’s also optimization. This is when apps and tasks are tailor made to run smoothly on CPUs. This is why a Quad core iPhone may completely destroy an Octa-core midrange android device.

This answer to this question relies on you the individual looking at the CPU spec sheet as well as clock speed.

2. If two CPU cores are compared, is the one with the faster clock speed the best?

Well yes and no again.

Yes, if the two CPUs are of the same architecture e.g A72 Vs A72. They are both equal in every way so the only way to set them apart is the clock speed.

No. If the two CPUs are of different architectures e.g A73 Vs A76. If you like, dash the A73 a clock speed of 2.5GHz, an A76 of 2.0GHz will stroll pass it on a speedtest like Usain Bolt.

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