How To Stop Unsolicited Text Messages & Calls From All Networks

The Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, has released a new short code, 2442, for stopping unsolicited SMS. Are you tired of unsolicited messages and calls? Now you can do something about it . How To Stop It. 1. Simply text STOP to 2442.
2. After sending the message, you will receive an automated message like this “Your request for Full DND has been received will be effective within 24hrs”

3. Don’t panic with the abbreviation DND, it simply means “Do Not Disturb”

4. Within 24hrs, you will receive a deactivation message like this “Full DND is now active on your line. Thank you.

5. Though, it takes about 24 hours for it to be effective. When I did mine, I received the deactivation message within One hour. You can be lucky to get yours done in less than 24 hours.

6. ALSO, If you love the “unsolicited” messages and wish to activate them or for more options, text HELP to 2442.


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